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Hemingworth Crystal Lake 1178

Hemingworth Crystal Lake 1178

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Stitcher’s Joy carries a few hard-to-find pastel colors of this amazing thread with brilliant luster while maintaining a soft and supple feel in the finished project. Creating quality embroidery begins with quality products, such as Hemingworth's high sheen embroidery thread. Known for strength, durability, vibrancy and colorfastness, each 1000 meter spool contains tri-lobal, polyselect thread in 40 wt. Each spool arrives with a patented, clear, and secure cover to protect the thread from dust, dirt and debris while making it easy to organize, store, select a color, and transport without tangling or unraveling the spool. The plastic stopper in the end easily removes to allow stitching without removing the cover and allowing the spool to feed from any direction with reduced snagging and thread breakage.

Spool dimensions: 1.8" wide x  2.7" tall

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