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Fusible Backing by Kimberbell

Fusible Backing by Kimberbell

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Fusible Backing by Kimberbell is a lightweight, permanent stabilizer to add body to light to medium fabrics and help prevent fabric puckering and show through. Available in either 12" x 5 yard or 20" x 5 yard, each roll is part of Kimberbell's Specialty Sewing & Embroidery Stabilizers, and are designed to be used with Tear-Away, Cut-Away, and Wash-Away stabilizers.

Fusible Backing is easy to use. Simply cut a piece of Fusible Backing slightly smaller than the fabric. Press with a hot iron, a cotton/linen setting on most irons, for 20 seconds to adhere to the back of fabric.

How to use Specialty Stabilizers

Description of Kimberbell Specialty Stabilzers and when to use them.


Do you have problems with puckering in some of your projects and perplexed as to why it happens or what to do about? In this video by Kim Christopherson, founder of Kimberbell Designs, she explains 4 simple tips to reduce puckering.

To help keep your stabilizers neat and organized, pair your stabilizer with perfectly color coded Kimberbell stabilizer slap bands. To see how the Kimberbell color coding system and slap bands work, watch this video:
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