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Main Street Celebration Bench Pillow Pattern - Sewing (KD197)

Main Street Celebration Bench Pillow Pattern - Sewing (KD197)

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Join the Main Street Celebration with Kimberbell and create your own bench pillow using a standard sewing machine. This fun bench pillow pattern pulls out all the stops as it dresses up downtown with pennants, banners, and patriotic bunting while fireworks burst in the night sky. It features a fun embellishments, like fairy lights, embroidery leather, and applique glitter to make your pillow really sparkle and shine. A miniature Red, White & Bloom quilt hangs from the clothesline made from Kimberbell Twine, while embroidery felt leaves and adorable buttons add a dimensional pop! From pickups and gas pumps to windmills and more, Main Street Celebration is inspiring decor for every hometown heart.

This fun bench pillow patterns can be used to create a pillow cover, which can be removed and stored easily, making it perfect for seasonal decorating. But this pattern isn't only for bench pillows! Finish it as a wall-hanging or finish it without the dimensional embellishments as a festive table runner. It is perfect anywhere you want to add a little hometown love to your home or life.


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