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Wash Away Topping (KDST133) by Kimberbell

Wash Away Topping (KDST133) by Kimberbell

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Wash-Away Topping (KDST133) by Kimberbell is perfect for times when you need a stabilizer to be completely removed, such as with freestanding lace and cutwork. Wash-Away Topping is also for use as a topping on plush items, such as terry cloth, minky, or microfiber fabrics. Kimberbell Wash-Away stabilizers are ideal for sheer fabrics and dissolve quickly in cool water.

  • ultralight topping prevents stitches from sinking into plush, high-pile fabrics like terrycloth and fleece
  • slight texture allows stabilizer to grip plush fabrics
  • leaves no residue on fabric

How to use Wash-Away Stabilizers:



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