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Fabric Folding Pen

Fabric Folding Pen

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Are you tired of plugging in the iron and waiting for it to heat up, just to press a small piece of fabric like a seam or paper pieced section? 

Or maybe you are English Paper Piecing or Needle Turn Appliqueing and you just need a little help getting that tiny edge of fabric to stay where you put it. 

The Fabric Folding Pen by Clover solves those problems, and will be a constant companion for your sewing projects. This clever pen with special applicator tip comes with a small bottle of solution.  Just add 4 drops of solution to the pen, and then fill it with water. The applicator tip dispenses the water in a fine or heavy line, depending on how you place the tip of the fabric.  It makes the fabric easier to fold over, and then can be finger pressed to dry quickly.  Now the fabric has the crease you are looking for.

Note: Not for use with impermeable fabrics such as polyester or oilcloth.  Be sure to test fabric for colorfastness, especially on fabrics which may be sensitive to water and products, such as fine silk and some rayon.

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