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Select Rulers - Machine Quilting

Select Rulers - Machine Quilting

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Quilter's Select Precision Machine Quilting Rulers have been specifically designed for machine quilting on a domestic machine and long arm quilting! The quarter-inch thick (6mm), clear acrylic quilting rulers are specifically made to create easy clamshells, circles, scallops and more shapes to use with a Ruler Work Presser Foot*.

With the same Non-Slip coating that makes Quilters Select Rulers a must-have for crafters everywhere, this new line of rulers bring a new level of precision to long arm and machine quilting. Never again will  you have to worry about your rulers slipping as you guide your quilt and ruler and through your machine. The new finger grip holes enhance your ease of placement and make them easy to grip and move.

Om addition to the clamshell rulers, there are also straight edge rulers in 2" x 8" and 3" x 12". They are perfect for stitching in seams, echoing, crosshatching, parallel lines, geometric machine quilting, or border designs.

Like all Quilters Select products, this ruler is designed for both left- and right-handed quilters, with marking that can be read both ways. The 1/4" vertical line along the sides are ideal for straight line quilting, and the 45-degree and 60-degree angle lines open more creative possibilities than ever before!

*NOTE: These rulers will NOT work with a low shank foot.


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