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Wash-Away Sticky-back Stabilizer by Kimberbell

Wash-Away Sticky-back Stabilizer by Kimberbell

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Wash-Away Sticky-back stabilizer by Kimberbell is ideal for hard-to-hoop items or low stitch count designs, when there is a need to completely remove stabilizer, such as with chiffon, organza, or other sheer fabric.  Kimberbell Wash-Away Sticky-back stabilizers dissolve quickly in cool water.

Wash-Away is available in:

  • 12" x 5 yards (KDST123)
  • 20" x 5 yards (KDST124)
For freestanding lace, cutwork, or sheer fabric, choose Wash-Away stabilizer by Kimberbell. To help keep your stabilizers neat and organized, pair your stabilizer with perfectly color coded Kimberbell stabilizer slap bands.

Want to see how the Kimberbell color coding system and slap bands work?  Watch this video:

How to use Wash Away

Description for how and when to use Kimberbell Wash Away Stabilizers

Still confused about when to use Wash Away stabilizer? Watch this video by Kim Christopherson, founder of Kimberbell Designs, as she explains what wash away is, how to use it, and the different varieties it is available in.

For even more helpful tips and an overview of the available stabilizers from Kimberbell, Click Here.
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