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Fusible Peel & Stick (KDST128) by Kimberbell

Fusible Peel & Stick (KDST128) by Kimberbell

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Fusible Peel & Stick by Kimberbell is a lightweight fusible that makes applique easy! This fusible is perfect for either the sewist or machine embroiderer. Available in a 25 count package of 8 1/2" x 11" sheets, it is designed to add body to light or medium fabrics and permanently adhere your applique in your project. For Machine Embroiderers, it helps prevent puckering when used in conjunction with tear away or cut away stabilizers.

Directions for Use:


Draw or trace the desired shape onto the paper backing of Kimberbell Fusible Peel & Stick, and trim the backing slightly larger than the shape. Leaving the paper in place, place the fusible side on the back of the applique fabric and use a warm iron to fuse. Then peel off protective paper to adhere applique to project, no need to iron twice. The piece is repositionable for exact placement.

Machine Embroidery

Cut a piece of Kimberbell Fusible Peel & Stick slightly larger than the applique. Peel off protective paper and adhere the sticky side to the back of the fabric to applique. Place the backed piece on top of the hooped project and stitch the tack down stitch. Trim the piece to outside of the tack down stitch, and then use a warm iron to fuse to the applique to the project. The fused center piece helps prevent waves and bumps that can appear in the applique piece.

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